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Build a Better You


Healthy Snacks

We’ve started with our first product – Caffeinated Protein Bars – and we don’t plan to stop! We will be keeping busy in the kitchen cooking up new recipes and flavours

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Corporate Wellness

We help your organization enhance their bottom line through a healthier and more productive Team. Working with us you will find your team has improved energy, positive mood, and enhanced quality of life

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One to One Coaching

Need help with your fitness or diet regimen? Contact us for an assessment!

about the Founder

Safia Suleman

 JOLT was engineered by a fitness instructor, who needed energy to get through school and working in the corporate world for 4 years. She worked to create a high functioning bar that was nutritious and full of energy to keep up with the demands of life. She is now looking forward to sharing JOLT with the world.

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